Strategically located at Keokuk, Iowa, HRL provides low cost opportunities by maximizing barge transportation and minimizing rail transportation.
Two state permitted fleeting areas allow for efficient movement of barges thru the loading process.
Only 970 miles from the PRB on a 250 plus acre permitted site, HRL is the closest terminal to western coal and has, at least, a 10 month shipping season.

Covered coveyors minimize wind erosion.
With over 25 years experience in handling western coal, HRL provides a complete transshipment service:
Rapid Unloading
Dust Collection and Suppression
Storage & Stockpiling
Rapid Loading
Large "dozers" speed stockpiling and reclaiming.

Environmentally approved dust collection and suppression are part of HRL operating parameters.

Our team is ready to cooperate with you to improve the transshipping process and decrease the delivered cost.